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Why choose Peak Coaching?

There are many business coaches in the UK, so why choose Peak? At Peak Coaching Academy, not only are our coaches’ successful entrepreneurs who have run their own companies, but they are qualified business coaches too. Our coaches will take you through your journey into entrepreneurship, and even handhold you if necessary, we are passionate in helping others succeed.


Coaching Levels

We have 3 levels of coaching

  • Level 3 - Peak Performance

    Our 1 to 1 mentoring programme will ensure that you reach your maximum performance in both your business and personal development.

  • Level 2 - High Altitude

    This 3 day course is for established business owners who are looking to develop this business to the next level

  • Level 1 - Base Camp

    This is a 1 day course, and will take you through all the basis you need to know about starting up a business.

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